In The News: October

Pesticides With a Side Of Honey Many of the world’s farmers use chemicals to protect their crops from pests. Unfortunately, this also means bees come in contact with the chemicals as well. Though the impact of pesticides on bee has been researched for a while, new research on the impact these pesticides has on honey … Continue reading In The News: October

Thankful For Our Bees

This Thanksgiving, bee sure to give a lil thanks to our beesties the bees! Many don’t know, but a large amount of the food we eat is either directly, or indirectly thanks to our buzz-worthy friends. As far as our Thanksgiving feast, you would say adios to a majority of favorites if not for the … Continue reading Thankful For Our Bees

In the News: September

Losing the Buzz What do coffee, bees and Climate change have to do with each other? According to new research, a whole lot more than we thought! Pollinators, including our friends the bees, play a key part of producing coffee beans. But climate change is threatening both pollinators and the areas where coffee can grow. … Continue reading In the News: September

Cactus Fever

Why are people so obsessed with the cactus? Maybe it’s their strange cuteness that attracts us? Maybe it is their punny attributes? Or maybe it’s their resilience that inspires us (I mean they literally can live through anything it seems!). Personally, we love cacti for their tie to the bees! Yep, many species of cacti, … Continue reading Cactus Fever

In The News: August

Most Extensive Study Shows a Beeg Problem with Pesticides The largest study ever conducted on pesticides, spanning 2,000 hectares across the UK, Germany and Hungary was set up to find “real-world” issues caused by the pesticide. The study showed negative impacts not only on honey bees, but also with wild bee species. Each country had … Continue reading In The News: August

Let’s Go Nuts: All about those nuts and seeds we love, and have because of our pollinators!

Most of us have heard how nuts are healthy… but do you know why? We got to cracking on the hidden benefits of our paleo and vegan friends’ favorite snacks! Almonds The king of the nuts, almonds are well known for their health packed power! One recommended serving has 163 calories, 6g protein, 6g carbs, … Continue reading Let’s Go Nuts: All about those nuts and seeds we love, and have because of our pollinators!