In The News: April Edition

Honey Trap Manuka has developed a reputation for being a supercharged honey. But how do you even know if you are buying real Manuka? After it was discovered that there was tainted, fake Manuka honey on the market, the New Zealand Government took action into their own hands and started testing. They have now tested … Continue reading In The News: April Edition

The Bitter Side of Sugar Labels

As sweet as sugar taste, it isn’t so great for our bodies. Sugar consumption has been linked to almost every major disease, from diabetes to cancer, and can  lead to poor nutrition, weight gain, increased triglycerides (aka stored fat), inflammation, insulin resistance, increase in bad cholesterol and tooth decay to name a few! Low Sugar … Continue reading The Bitter Side of Sugar Labels

In the News: March Edition

Rusty Patched Bumble Bee trumps Trump The Trump administration may of slowed down the process, but the rusty patched bumble has officially made it to the endangered list and is now federally protected! This protection came just in time too. It’s said that the endangered listing is the only thing saving these pollinators from going … Continue reading In the News: March Edition