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Calling all athletes, weekend warriors, and all around go-getters! Support your active body with the superfood fuel it needs to energize, recover, and stay strong. This bundle contains all the hive power to help keep you fit, active, and healthy while you’re out there crushing it.

1 x Propolis Spray (1.06 fl oz / 30 mL)

1 x Raw Bee Pollen (150g)

1 x B.Powered (330g)

With bee pollen, B.Powered, and propolis, you’ll have everything you need to fuel your body, crush your workouts and to-do lists, and support faster recovery.

  • Let protein-packed pollen keep you nourished and buzzing, pre-and post-sweat.
  • Try a spoonful of B.Powered to help you cruise through that last mile on your run, soothe post-workout wear and tear, and keep those energy levels up sans caffeine.
  • And a few sprays of propolis to support your immune system, so you don’t get stuck on the sidelines with the sniffles.

1 x Propolis Spray (1.06 fl oz / 30 mL)

1 x Raw Bee Pollen (150g)

1 x B.Powered (330g)

Propolis Spray: 95% high grade bee propolis extract, non-GMO vegetable glycerin, purified water.   

Bee Pollen: 100% raw, sustainably sourced, wildflower bee pollen.  

B.Powered: Raw honey with royal jelly, bee pollen, and bee propolis extract.

Medicinal quantities per teaspoon:  

  • Royal Jelly = 745 mg
  • Bee Pollen = 532 mg
  • Bee Propolis Extract = 43mg   

Caution: Not for children under the age of 6 or individuals with asthma or severe allergies to pollen or bee products.

Propolis is your immune system’s ultimate defender. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and over 300 beneficial compounds, propolis is your bodyguard in a bottle. For daily use, take 3-4 sprays of propolis once or twice daily. During periods of increased stress or illness, take 4-5 sprays of propolis up to 5 times daily.

Bee pollen—the weekend warrior’s best friend. A powerful and easily assimilated source of B vitamins, minerals, free forming amino acids, and protein, our raw bee pollen provides powerful energy support, even while you’re charging up peaks and bombing down hills. This superfood is fantastic for anyone leading an on-the-go lifestyle and looking for a tasty infusion of energizing nutrients. Start small, with half a teaspoon, and work your way up to 1-2 teaspoons per day.

B.Powered combines ALL the superfoods of the hive to fuel your mind and body! Our healing blend includes immune-supportive propolis, brain-nourishing royal jelly, energizing bee pollen, and—of course—our signature raw unfiltered honey. This deliciously unique formula is ideal for energizing your body, promoting optimal performance, activating your mind, and fueling your soul. Enjoy 1 teaspoon each morning (children 6-12 years, take only 1/2 teaspoon). For best results, take regularly.

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