Family Defense Pack

$ 52.99 USD $ 57.99 USD
$ 52.99 USD $ 57.99 USD

Active families share everything, including scratchy throats. Up your hive’s defense with powerful natural immune support fit for the entire family—no sniffle quarantines necessary. 

  • 2 Propolis Throat Sprays  
  • 2 Propolis Throat Sprays for Kids

PROPOLIS SPRAY: Feeling a tickle in your throat? Forget about those hyper sweet lozenges. Propolis soothes and supports your body naturally—without any nasty ingredients or a sugar hangover.   

That’s all thanks to our star ingredient, bee propolis. With natural germ fighting properties, lots of antioxidants, and 300+ beneficial compounds, we like to think of propolis as nature’s ultimate defender.  

All it takes is a few daily spritzes to fortify your immune system and soothe your scratchy throat.

PROPOLIS SPRAY FOR KIDS: Just for kids, we added nourishing drizzle of dark buckwheat honey to our original Propolis Spray. Buckwheat honey isn’t just tasty—it is one of the most soothing, antioxidant rich honeys on the planet! Its health benefits even rival those of well established therapeutic honeys like manuka.       
And that’s it. We packed our Kids’ Propolis Spray with only the cleanest, most effective ingredients that moms + kids will love.

  • All-Natural 
  • Immune Support 
  • Antioxidant-Rich    
  • Nature’s Bee-osporin   
  • Family Friendly         

Propolis Spray: For daily immune support, take 4 sprays of propolis once or twice daily. During periods of increased stress, travel, recovery, or fatigue, take 4-5 sprays of propolis up to 5 times daily. 

Propolis Spray for Kids: To support a strong, healthy immune system in children 2-12 years old, we recommend 4 sprays, 2 times per day.

Prior to first dose, administer 1 spray to child and monitor closely for signs of an allergic response (e.g. rash, swelling, trouble breathing).

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