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Product Details

Just 3 simple ones: propolis, non-GMO vegetable glycerin and purified water.

Our propolis spray contains a 95% extract!

Generally we recommend taking 4 sprays 1-2 times per day with or without food to feel your best. Of course, when you start sniffling, feel that tickle in your throat or everyone around you is sick, it's time to break out your propolis spray. Here we recommend 4 sprays 3-6 times per day. Side effects may include feeling awesome, less sick days at work (playing hookie not included) and better breath (yes, propolis may help with bad breath!)

Our propolis spray is good for up to 3 years after extraction but we will be very surprised if your bottle lasts that long. We let mother nature do her thing so our propolis is natural and contains no added preservatives.

Heck no! We believe in keeping things the way nature intended so we do not add any sugar or flavours to our bee propolis. Our unique alcohol free formula contains only 3 ingredients and will definitely be the best you'll ever taste.

Each bottle contains over 230 power packed sprays.

We believe in letting little one's develop their immune systems on their own and recommend our propolis spray for kids 2 and up.

While our products are made with all natural ingredients and do not include any harmful additives, expectant mothers should always consult their healthcare professional before taking honey, propolis and other bee products.

No way! We are health freaks and would never tamper with the natural magic of honey. Our raw honey is pure, fresh, nutritious and, of course, unpasteurized.

Yes, our bee propolis spray is absolutely gluten free!

You most certainly can! All of our products are certified paleo and perfect to include in your primal lifestyle. Moreover, humans have been enjoying superfoods from the hive for thousands of years…now that’s Paleolithic!

Our spray is made with 100% Canadian bee propolis. Canadian bee products are highly regulated by the Canadian federal government and respected throughout the world as a leader in product quality. It is very difficult to find certified organic honey production since you can’t exactly fence your bees in as can fly to forage on plants and flowers over 4 miles (6 km) away.

As annoying as it can be to spread on your toast, crystallized (or crystallizing!) honey is a good thing as raw and unpasteurized honey will crystallize over time (this depends on the floral source and can vary from weeks to even years). If you want to liquefy your crystallized honey, heat water in a pot and put your honey container in the pot of hot water until the honey turns back into liquid form. This gentle transfer of heat to the honey helps turn it back into liquid form without overheating the honey. With time, the honey will crystallize again but reheating it with the same hot water bath technique will once more return it to liquid form for a short period of time.


Not if you do it carefully and sustainably! We are proud beegans and always make sure to take the utmost care of our bees. Bees actually produce lots of extra honey leaving ample supply to share with the rest of us. We always make sure to leave our bees more than enough honey so they are well fed. Our propolis is harvested with a removable screen that is placed on top of the hive so we never take any propolis that the bees use to seal and protect their hive.

1. Start in your own backyard (or balcony) by planting bee friendly flowers and herbs. 2. Ditch the pesticides. 3. Build a bee bath (bees get thirsty too!). 4. Buy local and organic fruits and vegetables. 5. Support organizations dedicating to saving the bees!

[link to Canadian Honey Council and Canadian Bee Research Fund]. Also, link to Gene Robinson.

Technically, no. But depending on your motivations for being vegan or vegetarian, you might be willing to eat insect byproducts. Bees pollinate our plants so the more beekeepers, the greener your garden! Therefore if you’re concerned about environmental impact, keeping bees is not only dramatically less harmful than raising traditional livestock but it actually serves to help the environment as bees are responsible for pollinating many flowers and crops thereby maintaining ecosystems and crop yields. Additionally, we believe in taking good care of the bees, we work hard to not overharvest the honey or pollen and ensure they have ample food to last over the winter.

We are on a mission to save the bees so our priority is to promote healthy beekeeping practices and encourage others to lead a more bee friendly lifestyle -

hurting them is really out of the question for us! We absolutely respect everyone’s individual decision to eat what they want but we should let you know that many of our vegan (now “beegan”) customers do in fact enjoy our products.

Nearly 1/3 of our food supply is dependent on the bees for pollination! We would lose many fruits and veggies such as almonds, apples, avocados, berries, squash and tomatoes to name a few. If you’re more of a carnivore, don’t think you’re off the hook! Bees pollinate alfalfa and clover, which are a key component of feed for cows and other grazing animals.

Around $1.2 trillion [FACT CHECK] of the global economy is dependent on bee pollination and nearly 90% of wildflowers are bee pollinated so I think it’s safe to say your planet would take a serious hit if we lost our buzzing friends! Over the past few years we have witnessed abnormally high hive losses in XXX – it’s time to become involved, get informed and save the bees!

Hmmm, if only there was a monthly newsletter that provided a quick look at the various issues effecting the bees, our environment, bee products and beekeepers around the world. We know knowledge is power so we work our buzzers off to keep you informed daily and also have “The Buzz”, our monthly newsletter. You can sign up here and learn more about all the latest bee news and what you can do to help! [or Sign up here and start saving the bees]

We are always looking for new partners. However, at this time we can only work with vendors experienced in keeping and caring for bees. If you are currently caring for bees and are interested in working with us, please send an email to with the subject line “Can I be your beekeeper?” Please include your location, how long you have been working with bees, what measures you take to ensure sustainability, how many hives you have lost over the past 2 years, your order lead times, your honey, pollen and propolis volumes and your lowest prices per lb.


Absolutely. We believe that Beekeeper’s Naturals is a social venture in the most fundamental way. We don’t complement our business with separate social mechanism on the side (a la Tom’s shoes); rather, the very core of our business is about trying to change the way people think about bees and the role they play in our environment and food supply. Through the various campaigns that we host ranging from our local pollinator awareness campaigns (check some out here [DAVID SUZUKI BLOG POST] and here [LINK TO GHJ] to our Unveiled interview series where we interview beekeepers around the world to share sustainable practices and educate others about the art of beekeeping. If all goes according to plan, together we will have enormous and lasting positive impact on the world.

We believe that healthy, sustainable and effective bee products that cultivate an awareness of where they are coming from and why their producers (the bees, not us) are important not just to make these tasty and notorious products but to produce natural healthy foods across the rest of the world is the first step in the conversation of what the bees mean to our world. We believe in a meritocracy: the higher the demand is for began products, the more nurturing beekeepers and apiarists we can work with and the greater need we will have for supporting the bee population! We are throwing to back to the basic principles of supply and demand – let’s up the demand and get the sustainable and healthy bee supply through the roof! More bees = more plants = more flowers = more food!

Right here [link]!

We are always looking for exceptional people with a passion for our mission. Spooning honey twice a day is optional! Visit our Jobs page to see what we’re looking for.


Staying healthy is important and given our “hustle hard”, “in it to win it” attitudes of today, healthy can often take a back seat to the rest of life. This is why we want to make it easy for you to treat your body well by sending you our monthly began pharmacy! (better or no?) [work on wording]. We have a few different options to help keep you on top of your game:

Beemune - monthly and bimonthly basic propolis pack which will send you two bottles of propolis to keep your immune system firing, energy up, breath fresh and antioxidant count on point. Singers Rx, which includes a monthly bottle of propolis with a profile you can update on the first day of each month to suit your changing location when on the road (don’t forget to update or you could miss your propolis [trusty XXX] We love music so let us help you belt it while minimizing the stress on those vocal chords! Don’t take out word for it, check out the Canadian Tenors who use propolis to fuel their always amazing performaces! Link to post to[ADD SOMETHiNG ABOUT TENORS ON TOUR, MAYBE PICTURE] Fit freak package with a monthly propolis spray, jar of bee and tree pollen to give you the pre workout protein with body balancing effects, pine pollen known for its adaptogenic qualities and 4 vials of our Beelixir Mind Fuel to keep you focused, full of energy and ready to rock FUTURE: We also have our monthly honey club where you can subscribe to get a 500ml jar of fresh pure honey and watch as it changes with the seasons and flowers in bloom (OR COMBINE WITH INFUSED HONEYS) As you can see, we have many flavor and frequency options for a subscription to suit your lifestyle. You can subscribe for shipments of X and get XX delivered every X, Y or Z days. Once you’ve purchased a subscription it’s easy to skip or expedite a delivery.

When you subscribe to any of our beegan pharmacy boxes [NEED BETTER AND CUTER NAME- how this is what it is..], you join the BKN Elite. You’ll not only receive your favourite BKN products in the mail on a frequent basis, hassle-free, but you’ll save 10% and get free shipping! (can we include shipping in price of box? Can we offer this ? how can we do that?) Plus, you get other great perks, like early access to products before they’re released, the “in” our special promotions and draws for exclusive giveaways and events. We also put aside inventory every month specifically for our Elite members so you’ll never have to worry about out-of-stock delays!