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Propolis Throat Spray
4 Pack

 Upgrade Your Immune System

 Fights Sniffles

 Soothes Scratchy Throats

300 Antioxidants & Healing Compounds

Sugar, Alcohol, or Preservatives


"Bees provide us with some of the most nutritious foods on the planet. From the rich spectrum of amino acids and B-vitamins in bee pollen, to the antioxidant and immune system support of royal jelly, you'd be hard-pressed to find foods more potent. The key here is QUALITY. The sourcing, sustainability, and processing of bee products can determine whether they are inert or effective, and that's why I love Beekeeper's Naturals so much!"

- Shawn Stevenson

Bestselling author and host of The Model Health Show

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Sold out

 Upgrade Your Immune System

 Fights Sniffles

 Soothes Scratchy Throats

300 Antioxidants & Healing Compounds

Sugar, Alcohol, or Preservatives


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  • 1x B.Powered Honey (330g)
  • 1x B.LXR Brain Fuel (6 Vials)
  • 2x Propolis Throat Spray

Sold out

 All Day Energy    

 Endurance Fuel  

 Immune Support  

Mental Clarity

 Overall Balance

Bee Propolis

Your Bodyguard in a bottle

Upgrade your health and bulletproof your immunity with our antioxidant-rich Bee Propolis Spray, which contains more than 300 healing compounds in just one dose.

The majority of these healing compounds fight free radicals and help restore health to the body. In fact, one study found that people who had coughs and sniffles recovered faster when taking propolis.

Propolis is your immune system’s secret weapon when it comes to keeping those pesky sniffles and scratchy throats at bay. Just 4 sprays daily on the tongue (8+ sprays during recovery mode) gives your body the natural support it needs to fortify, fight, and recover.


B.LXR Brain Fuel

Beat Your Afternoon Slump.

Each vial of B.LXR contains powerful adaptogens:    

  • Pure Royal Jelly (500mg)
  • Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract (400mg)  
  • Bacopa Monnieri Plant Extract (300mg)      

What’s not inside? Caffeine or sugar. B.LXR naturally promotes sustained, lasting energy. That means no unstable spikes and no crash a few hours later.      

We recommend starting out with ⅓ to ½ a vial a day to support brain health, working your way up to a whole vial daily for optimized focus and productivity. Each pack of B.LXR comes with 6 vials.  

B.LXR Brain Fuel

6 Pack


Bacopa Monnieri

Natural Nootropic

  • Adaptogenic + stress fighting  
  • May enhance learning + memory
Ginkgo Biloba

Natural Nootropic

  • Antioxidant rich adaptogen
  • Powerful flavonoids support memory health
  • May improve precious blood flow to the brain
Royal Jelly

Nutrient Dense Brain Elixir

  • Rich in nutrients + antioxidants
  • Brain fog fighter    
  • May support overall brain health  
  • Contains rare fatty acids that nourish the brain  

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