Holiday Gift Set

$ 98.10 USD $ 109 USD
$ 98.10 USD $ 109 USD

We’ve collected our favorite gifts and stocking stuffers for the holiday season and bundled them up, just for you. This Holiday Gift Set includes a little something sweet for every wellness lover in your life…    

* Share the gift of wellness by stuffing ALL your stockings with Propolis Spray.   

* Give your busiest friend the gift of on-the-go zen with B.Chill sticks.  

* Excite and inspire any food connoisseur with our delicious Honey Flight.             

3 x Propolis Throat Spray (1.06 fl oz / 30 ml)  

1 x Propolis Throat Spray for Kids (1.06 fl oz / 30 ml)  

1 x Honey Flight bundle (4 x 125g. jars)

1 x B.Chill 5 Stick Pack

This gift set contains three bottles of Propolis Throat Spray, one bottle of Propolis Throat Spray for Kids, one B.Chill 5 Stick Pack, and one Honey Flight (one 125 gram jar each of our Sweet Clover, Wildflower, Buckwheat, and Superfood Cacao honeys).   

Here’s a little bit more about what comes inside…         

Propolis Throat Spray: Meet propolis, your bodyguard in a bottle. Prized as the immune system of the hive, propolis has incredible germ fighting properties. It even contains over 300 beneficial vitamins, minerals, and compounds—making it nature’s ultimate defender. With a sweet honey-like taste, our spray is ideal for daily immune support, defense on-the-go, and fortification during times of increased stress or fatigue.  

Propolis Throat Spray for Kids: Don’t let runny noses and scratchy throats slow your little ones down. With our antioxidant-rich Buckwheat Honey and Propolis, this gentle, kid-friendly duo is naturally tough on germs, but also super soothing on scratchy throats.

B.Chill 5 Stick Pack: These perfectly portioned bliss essentials contain everything you need to chill out, dream sweet, and crush stress. Made with USA-grown hemp, our honey sticks are non-psychoactive and contain 0% THC, meaning you get all the chill with none of the trip. To ensure you really feel the difference, each B.Chill stick contains a zen-boosting 20mg of high potency hemp oil.        

Honey Flight: These four tasting jars capture the wide spectrum of our honey offerings. From our light sweet clover to the delicate floral notes of wildflower to the earthy robustness of buckwheat—and let’s not forget our decadent Superfood Cacao Honey, blended with raw Ecuadorian cacao—this bundle makes the perfect gift for the foodie or bee-lover in your life. (Ahem, or yourself.)     

Our Propolis Throat Spray is an antioxidant rich boost for anyone looking to support their immunity. Four spritzes is great for daily support; five spritzes up to five times daily is ideal for times of stress and supporting recovery.     

Propolis Throat Spray for Kids is ideal for the active kid who is sick of getting sidelined with the sniffles. Four spritzes is great for daily support; five spritzes up to five times daily is ideal for times of stress and supporting recovery.       

The B.Chill 5 Stick Pack is your secret weapon against a hectic day that just won’t quit. For on-the-go zen, pop open a stick and squeeze it into your coffee, tea, or smoothie—or just enjoy it straight. Ideal for your pocket, purse, bedside table, gym bag, or car, these perfectly portioned bliss essentials have what it takes to help soothe your body and crush stress!     

Honey Flight: Sure, you can add our delicious raw honey to your tea and coffee, but why stop there? Each jar in this bundle brings a different flavor profile to the table, so feel free to experiment, taste, and make a night of it! Upgrade your toasts, cocktails, bakes, marinades, smoothies, and healthy desserts—or host a blind tasting. Get creative!

Propolis Throat Spray: High-grade bee propolis extract, non-GMO vegetable glycerin, purified water.

Propolis Throat Spray for Kids: High-grade bee propolis extract, buckwheat honey, non-GMO vegetable glycerin, purified water.

B.Chill 5 Stick Pack: 100% raw enzymatic honey, hemp oil, coconut medium chain triglycerides (MCT), and sunflower lecithin.  

Honey Varietal bundle:100% raw, sustainably-sourced, enzymatic honey (varietals: Sweet Clover, Wildflower, and Buckwheat).  

Superfood Cacao Honey: 100% raw, sustainably-sourced, enzymatic honey and raw cacao powder, made from raw Ecuadorian Arriba criollo cacao beans.   

The BKN Method


BKN bees use plants to make superfoods.


We sustainably hand-harvest those superfood with lots of love.


Our scientists diligently make sure they are of the highest quality.


You get to enjoy natural health-boosting solutions straight from the hive!

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