$ 19.99 USD
$ 19.99 USD

100% Raw Wildflower Honey (500g)

Get in touch with your wild side. Our sustainably-sourced raw wildflower honey has a light sweetness with subtle floral undertones that will immediately transport you to the lush alpine hillsides of your fantasies.

Our 100% pure wildflower honey contains a nourishing array of naturally-occurring vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. With an inherently light sweetness and subtle floral undertones, a particularly sensitive palate might also pick up on slight hints of mint, lavender, and other fresh seasonal herbs reminiscent of a vast wildflower field.

BKN wildflower honey is truly farm to jar. Our honey comes from sustainable apiaries in Ontario, Canada, where we prioritize our bees’ health and happiness above all else. We never overharvest from the hive or mix our honey with additives or cheap filler ingredients like fructose, agave, or corn syrup. Our raw wildcrafted honey is unprocessed—just tons of wildflower nectar, a bit of pollen, and loads of bee love!

100% raw, sustainably sourced, enzymatic honey

Paleo-friendly, gluten-free, and all natural.

With its delicate flavor, wildflower honey makes the perfect secret ingredient for refreshing cocktails, homemade salad dressings, marinades, granola, and more. Of course, our favorite way to enjoy it is straight off the spoon!

The BKN Method


BKN bees use plants to make superfoods.


We sustainably hand-harvest those superfood with lots of love.


Our scientists diligently make sure they are of the highest quality.


You get to enjoy natural health-boosting solutions straight from the hive!

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