Honey, It's Time to Upgrade Your Medicine Cabinet

Take a quick peek inside your medicine cabinet...  

Okay, are you back?

Did you happen to notice how much gross junk is in there? Artificial colors, refined sugar, chemical fillers—since when did these nasty things belong in our remedies? That’s why, when it comes to day-to-day wellness, we prefer to get well with the Hive.  

Here are our fave hive alternatives to the highly artificial syrups, shots, and supplements that have become the norm...           

Energy shots → B.LXR Brain Fuel    

When you’re feeling low energy and out of the zone, you don’t need a super caffeinated energy shot packed with artificial sweeteners. You need a natural nootropic. Each shot of B.LXR delivers powerful adaptogenic support to energize productivity—without the crash!   

Immune support supplements → Propolis Throat Spray

There are many natural immune support supplements out there that seem clean, but turn out to be loaded with preservatives and inflammatory refined sugars—not to mention most of them are pretty ineffective. Get science on your side. If you really want to show germs who’s boss, Propolis Spray is the natural, antioxidant-rich remedy you need.                 

Stress relief supplements and sleep aids → B.Chill Hemp Honey    

Stressed out and looking for a rescue? Bad news: conventional OTC options are often habit forming and come with serious side effects. Safer alternatives, on the other hand, don't always work. That's why we created B.Chill. No questionable, woo-woo ingredients. No potentially harmful side effects. Just pure, calming goodness, straight from nature. Plus, the beneficial compounds in hemp actually help to promote balance in the body—major win!         


Fancy face masks → B.Powered Superfood Honey           

Since when did beauty become about alphanumeric chemical ingredients (with at least a dozen syllables apiece)? B.Powered’s ingredient list is simple and au naturale. As a face mask, it's nature’s solution for unleashing your natural glow. (And the best part? You can eat it for even more benefits!) With consistent use, you'll shine bright like the star you are.                         

Kids' cough syrup → Propolis Throat Spray for Kids

We all remember that gross, super-sweet, cherry-flavored cough syrup from our childhoods. Don’t make your little ones suffer the same artificial (and surprisingly ineffective) stuff. With a delicious drizzle of antioxidant-rich buckwheat honey, our Propolis Spray for Kids ensures your sniffling bumblers get the soothing throat and immune support they deserve. It's clean, it's natural, and it actually works!     

Honeys, it's time to clean out your medicine cabinet and start to feel better naturally. No hidden, inflammatory ingredients. Just pure, sustainable hive goodness.

Learn more about the junk hidden in conventional remedies here. In the meantime, it's prime time to stock up your very own Beegan Pharmacy